What I Eat in a Day + How I Spent my Saturday

Dear Friends,

Happy Monday! This is an off-week from Mediterranean Monday, but I still wanted to bring you a health-centered post to keep with the January theme. I’ve been seeing a lot of “what I eat in a day” videos on YouTube as of late, so I thought it might be a good idea to bring that trend into my blog for you! I also realized that I don’t share much about my personal or social life on the blog, so as an added bonus I thought I would share a little bit with you about what I do with my free time on the weekends!

On Saturday, I decided to log everything I ate using My Fitness Pal so that I could keep track of the nutrients I was getting in addition to just logging what I ate. I think it’s really important not to just focus on calorie intake, but also on making sure your body is getting everything that it needs.

On my weekends, I’m not in a big hurry to get up since I have to be up early all week long. Regardless, my body still decided to torment me by waking up at 5:19am! I have a rule set for myself that, no matter what time I wake up on the weekend, I don’t get out of bed before 7, because I’m trying to train my body to stop early waking. I did great all week, but I think I psych myself out on weekends because I have all of the things I want to do running through my head and I’m anxious to get started.

So I got out of bed at 7, made coffee, then did some reading while I drank my coffee, and took off my nail polish. At 8, I was starting to feel hungry so I made my way to the kitchen for my breakfast.


Let me apologize in advance that I failed to take pictures of what I ate! At the time I wasn’t thinking about doing a “what I eat in a day” post so I didn’t have the camera handy to snap before I ate!

  • Bowl of oatmeal made with 1/2 cup of oats and 1 cup of almond milk
  • 1 tablespoon of raisins
  • 1 tablespoon of toasted walnuts
  • 1 tablespoon of chia seeds
  • 1/2 tablespoon of flax seeds
  • 2 packets of stevia and a sprinkling of cinnamon for sweetness

Total breakfast calories: 436

Normally my Saturday mornings consist of cleaning my floors and dusting my furniture, but this Saturday I was determined to finish the book I’ve been reading, so I could return it to the library and check out a couple of memoirs I wanted to read for research on some topics I want to include in my own book. Not to give away too much–but two of the characters have a Jewish father, and I know very little about the Jewish faith or culture. So I need to read up on Jewish life before I can write about it in my own book. So instead of cleaning the floors, I stripped the sheets off of all of the beds in the house and got laundry going, then sat down to read.

I would read for a while, then change out laundry. I also repainted my nails in between reading and washing sheets. I had good intentions of finishing the book first thing in the morning, then hitting the library, then spending some time downtown in the Marquette lobby to read and take notes, since I know at home I will get distracted 15 times and not get much accomplished. But I didn’t end up finishing the book until about 2pm, because…I got distracted 15 times by laundry and nail painting!

By 11:30 I was getting hungry, so I checked on the laundry, then made myself some lunch.


  • salmon plate21oz Mediterranean Stuffed Salmon, leftover from the night before (I will have this recipe for you on next week’s Mediterranean Monday)
  • 2 cups of mixed green salad, tossed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar and sprinkled with about a tablespoon of sliced almonds
  • Slice of rye bread, toasted

Total calories: 384


After lunch I buckled down to finish my book, Robin by Dave Itzkoff, a very informative and well-written biography about Robin Williams. In the meantime my friends Jon, Zach, Jenny and I finalized our plans to see On the Basis of Sex at the theater that night and Jon got us tickets. I would normally have a glass of wine with lunch on the weekend, but I figured we may end up going out for a pre-movie drink and decided to skip it at lunch. Instead I made myself a mug of green tea to sip while finishing my book.

I finished my book around 2:00 and finally got out of my pajamas and got myself ready so I could take my book back and check out a couple of new ones. Jon shared that he was down at Baristas, which is the coffee shop inside the Marquette building, so I decided to run down and hang out there with him instead of the Marquette lobby after I stopped at the library. But first, I needed a snack!

Snack Time

If it seems like I didn’t eat a lot for lunch, it’s because I’m a snacker! Most people keep themselves to under 200 calories for a snack, but it’s not uncommon for mine to be almost as much as a meal.

  • Chopped celery, carrots and broccoli with a tablespoon or two of hummus
  • 1/2 of an Organic 4-seed Artisan Crispbread from Aldi
  • 2 Cranberry Orange Power Bites (at 170 calories, this is enough to be a snack by itself)
  • 1 Hershey special dark chocolate mini

Total Calories: 314

After that I went to the library to fruitlessly find the books I’d looked up in advance. Sadly, they didn’t have any of the ones I wanted available, which doesn’t necessarily surprise me because there isn’t a Jewish community in my area. I did a library search using “Judaism” as the subject matter. Almost everything that came up was either deeply detailed information about the religion, or about the Holocaust. What I was looking for were personal accounts of ways-of-life. The closest thing I could find was a biography called Witness about a Jewish professor named Elie Wiesel. So I checked out this book, plus a memoir of a teenage girl who died of leukemia, which is another subject I need to study for my book. Then I headed off to Baristas to meet Jon and get some reading done.

We chatted for a bit, then I buckled down and read 30 pages, which is about 20 pages more than I would have accomplished had I been at home surrounded by distractions! He had dated a couple of Jewish girls while living in St Louis during his PhD and postdoctoral days at Washington University, so he told me some things that were helpful to my cause. And we made plans to meet at the theater bar at 6 to have a drink before the movie. Baristas closes at 5, so we left about quarter til and went our separate ways.

When I got home about 5:00, it was time to eat some dinner before leaving for a drink and a movie.


  • 2oz piece of the same stuffed salmon from the night before
  • 1-2 cups of steamed spinach
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce, since I hadn’t had any fruit to speak of for the day and didn’t feel like chopping an apple
  • One more slice of toasted rye bread
  • Glass of after-dinner merlot at the theater

Total calories: 469

After I finished eating, I made my way to the theater, where I met Jon, Zach and Jenny for a drink and then got comfortable in a leather recliner for the movie. If you have the opportunity to see On the Basis of Sex, please go! I often am a bit cautious about docu-drama’s like this because they don’t always live up to expectations. But this one absolutely did, and then some! It was a beautifully done movie, and I learned things about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her history with women’s rights that I didn’t fully know before. A movie that can pull at my emotional heartstrings and teach me something at the same time is my favorite kind!

One of the things that I really enjoyed about this movie was watching the relationship between Ruth and her husband, Marty. It began in the late 1950’s, while both of them were in law school and had two children at home. It was a time when women were expected to fulfill the role of homemakers, keeping the home clean and taking care of the children exclusively on their own. In their home, however, the tasks of home and childrearing were split between the two of them. Marty was seen cooking dinner and parenting their children, rather than sitting back in the recliner and leaving it all to Ruth after she spent just as taxing a day as he had in Harvard Law School.

Perhaps the best thing about it is that neither of them seemed to “expect” these things of the other, or had to nag the other to help. It truly was a joint, equal partnership where they both accepted responsibility for their fair share of the tasks that come with family life, and simply did what needed to be done without arguing about “who’s turn it was”. Not only that, but they genuinely supported each other’s careers. Marty never established dominance as the “man of the house”, but shared authority with his wife, who was equally as educated and career focused as he was. He respected her not only as a woman, but also as an independent, free-thinking adult with whom he shared a home.

He did not need to dominate her, and she did not need to dominate or emasculate him. They just worked together. He helped her and supported her through her first case where she challenged the discriminatory laws that were based on sex. They shared ideas, they prepared together, and they treated each other as equals. Their marriage is exactly my ideal relationship in a world where both women and men are working full time jobs; where both women and men are working toward career goals; where both women and men have personal dreams and aspirations.

Women are no longer simply holding a husband-and-child-supporting role, yet so often we find ourselves still the ones cooking all of the meals, washing all of the dishes, doing all of the laundry, etc., and also find our male counterparts wishing to hold onto the purse strings and control our spending despite our earning full-time paychecks of our own. That is not the kind of life I wish to live, and will only settle down again if I am able to find a Marty Ginsburg kind of man who believes in a truly equal and supportive relationship role, worthy of 2019.

Anyhow, enough of my philosophy on the roles of women and men in modern-day relationships! Here is how my calories and nutrients stacked up for the day:

Calories for the day: 1604, minus 91 for the 20 minutes I spent on the elliptical

Protein: 67 grams–which is honestly way too much. I’m working really hard on keeping this below 45 grams, because what we actually need is 0.36 grams of protein per pound of body weight. So I really need 40.32 grams, with up to 45 grams for the days I work out. Just as important, I don’t want protein to apprize for more than 15% of my total food consumption for the day, and preferably closer to 10%. On Saturday I came in at 17%, so I was barely over my maximum. Normally I will have one of my meals be meatless, but since I made a whole hunk of salmon the night before, I needed to eat it!

Fiber: 42 grams, which is 17 grams over my daily minimum. This is the beauty of a plant-centered diet–there is no need for Metamucil, because you’re getting all you need and then some for daily fiber intake!

Fat: 8 grams saturated (I’m allowed up to 19), 18 grams of polyunsaturated and 21 grams of monounsaturated, which are the healthy fats that help keep your cholesterol low.

Potassium: 4,185mg, which is slightly over my goal of 3,500mg.

Cholesterol: 58mg. My maximum for the day is 300mg, so I came in way under. No fear of coronary artery disease for this girl!

Vitamin A: 1,046% for the day – thank you spinach!

Vitamin C: 178%

Calcium: 156%….and let me just point out here, with my blog post about why dairy is bad for your health coming this Thursday, that the only dairy that contributed to this number was about 1-2 tablespoons of feta that was in my stuffed salmon. The rest came from almond milk, salmon, spinach and chia seeds. Every time I talk about limiting my dairy intake, the first thing I hear is “but what about calcium/what about your bones?!” Here is proof that you can absolutely get all of the calcium you need and then some without eating dairy!

Iron: 162%

These are pretty standard numbers for a day of eating with the Mediterranean Diet. I don’t find that I need to use My Fitness Pal these days because tracking calories isn’t of much importance with the healthy foods that I’m eating. On days where I eat dessert or eat out or something, then I may use it to keep myself on track. Here lately I’ve been using it just to see what I’m getting as far as nutrients and macros, and I’m beyond happy with what I’m seeing. Seeing those numbers in black and white really helps me feel healthy, strong and happy!

On that note, I will leave you with a little snapshot of my crew on New Year’s Eve, minus a couple of friends who weren’t there that night (Trevor, Kate and Matt, two of whom currently live four hours away while he finishes his residency). From left to right, starting in the back: Jon, Aaron, me, Zach, Jenny, and Jenny’s sister Heather.





Author: Loren Miller

I'm a Midwestern woman living my best and healthiest life, fueled by passion and caffeine. I follow the Mediterranean diet, I'm a yoga newbie, and a hiker and general explorer of the outdoors. I adore fashion and dressing up, and finding amazing, quality designer pieces through thrift shopping. Most all of my outfits have at least one thrifted item--saving my wallet and the planet one designer top at a time <3

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