This is Where I Find Mediterranean Diet Recipes & Inspiration

Dear Friends,

When I did my first post of 2019, How to Go Mediterranean, I promised I would share where I go for recipes and meal inspiration. That comes from a variety of places, and I’m going to link to as many as I can in this post. I do have a few that come from magazines and cookbooks, so even though you won’t be able to see many recipes without purchasing or buying a subscription, I will share the link to websites and/or Amazon where they can be purchased. So without further adieu:


Clean & Delicious – This channel is from Dani Spies, and is kind of a fountain of dietary inspiration. She posts meal prep ideas, healthy snacks and desserts, one-dish meals, plus tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She ranges in her recipes from vegan, to vegetarian, to clean eating and whole foods. This channel is where I found the peanut butter and jelly power bites that I love to take to work for an afternoon snack!

The Domestic Geek – I have to say that this channel is my favorite, and I just discovered it around Christmas! She posted all of these incredible boards; brunch board, charcuterie board, chocolate dessert board, a vegan board, and even a kid friendly platter. As I scrolled through the channel, I found so many different recipe ideas ranging from quick breakfasts, to one-dish meals, to hacks and tips for prepping ingredients, to complex and time-consuming traditional dishes. Not everything on the channel is focused on healthy diets, but most of it is, and everything can easily be modified to make it Mediterranean Diet-friendly.

FlavCity with Bobby Parrish – This one covers the whole gamut, in that he ranges from gluten free, to paleo and keto, to clean eating. He has something for everyone, and the majority of his dishes that use pork and red meat can easily be modified to use seafood, poultry, or even beans or tofu to make them Mediterranean Diet-friendly. My favorite thing about this channel is that he uses a lot of creative and different ingredients and flavor combos that you don’t find in many other places. I love trying new and unique things, so for me this channel is a big win! He also does lots of meal prep and budget videos, including what to buy and not to buy at different stores.


The Domestic Geek – I’m sure you recognize this name from above, and that’s because Instagram is actually where I first found her! She has even more in her Instagram feed than she has on her YouTube channel, and that’s because she also links to a website where she shares recipes, and she has just launched a new website as well, both of which I will link to below.

Kathryne Taylor from Cookie + Kate – Cookie + Kate is a favorite blog of mine that I follow via email and get alerts every time she posts something new. Her posts are all vegetarian or vegan, which bodes well with the Mediterranean Diet since so many of the dishes are meatless. Just like Bobby Parrish above in the YouTube category, she comes up with some creative ways to mix ingredients and flavors that I love. I feel that it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and repeat the same dishes over and over again because it can be really tough to find healthy meal ideas in a country that loves its fat and sugar, and even a Google search for “healthy” recipes turns up a wealth of results that are far from healthy. That is why this is one of my favorites to follow! She does have a YouTube channel as well, but she doesn’t post often. Her primary format is a recipe blog.

Dani Spies from Clean and Delicious – as with The Domestic Geek, I follow her Instagram in addition to her YouTube channel. I do this because it’s easier to find photos of things I might be interested in on her Instagram page, and then can go and look for them on her YouTube channel. She also has a blog that she links to in her bio where you can go for recipes in written form, if you would rather do that than YouTube videos. I will link that website below as well.

Prosperous Healthy Life – This is a vegan Instagram page based in Austria, and she shares lots and lots of salads and bowls that are so overloaded with veggies, fruits, proteins and healthy carbs that it can really serve as a one-stop shop for all things meatless. The most important thing about a healthy lifestyle vs. a fad diet is that you are getting in all of the nutrients that your body needs so that you are not only losing weight, but getting healthy at the same time. Hannah does a fantastic job of making sure all of our dietary needs are met, and giving vegan dishes a great rep! And if you’re not into vegan? No problem–incorporate some poultry or seafood in any of her dishes, and they move seamlessly from vegan, to Mediterranean.

Leah Itsines – this lovely Australian has created a healthy eating cookbook and has a website that you can link to through her Instagram page. She shares so many beautiful, colorful photos of her dishes, plus videos and some humorous inspiration. I just love following her, and find lots of inspiration and ideas in her posts for recipes of my own. And I can also link to her page if I want to specifically make one of her recipes

Ahead of Thyme – this is another page that I go to for inspiration and ideas for my own recipes, but you can also link to their website for recipes for any of their photos. They share everything from desserts (not healthy ones, unfortunately), to main dishes, to side dishes and veggies. Beautiful photos and great ideas!

Blogs & Websites

Cookie + Kate – As I mentioned above, this is a blog that I follow and get emails regularly for new recipe posts. Her website is easy to navigate and explore, her photos are beautiful, the whole site is uncluttered and visually appealing to look at, which for me is half of the reason for looking online for recipes. I find the sites that are cluttered or difficult to navigate, I end up giving up on long before I find what I’m looking for. In addition to that, she just has so many unique recipe ideas and delicious flavor combinations that almost everything she posts I find myself wanting to try. As mentioned above her dishes are vegetarian and vegan, but all can easily have poultry or seafood added if meatless isn’t for you!

Healthy Meal Plans – This is the new website from The Domestic Geek that I mentioned above, which is centered specifically around meal planning and is an easy-to-use site where you can build your meal plans complete with recipes, and even generate a shopping list. It’s super convenient and fool-proof for anyone who is struggling to get started in a new healthy lifestyle. Change is hard, but this site makes it so much easier!

Inspired Entertainment – Another branch of The Domestic Geek, the Inspired Eating section of this site shares recipes from her. And the rest of the site is a lifestyle website that is inspiring for more than just healthy eating. I love it!

Clean & Delicious – Love Dani Spies, but don’t want to have to watch a video while cooking? No problem! She shares her recipes on this site, so you can bookmark them, then read through and follow recipes the traditional way while you cook!

Cookbooks & Magazines

Taste of Home Magazine – I went ahead and linked to Taste of Home’s website, but I actually subscribe to the magazine, which has lots more ideas than you can find online. I can tell you that this magazine is not centered around healthy eating. However, as you become more in tune with the Mediterranean Diet and learn what is healthy and what isn’t, you’ll find most of these recipes are easy to modify to make them healthy. I actually read through this magazine while at the salon waiting for my color to take, and I liked it so much that I subscribed!

capture2Fast Fresh Vegetarian – I’ve had this cookbook for a few years and really love the unique recipes inside! I found it in the bargain bin section of Barnes and Noble and picked it up for about $8. I’m not sure you could still find it there since I bought it in 2014, but I did find it on Amazon if you are interested.

captureBetter Homes and Gardens Fresh Recipes for Enjoying Ingredients at their Peak – this was another Barnes and Noble bargain bin find, which I just picked up this past Christmas season. It appealed to me because it’s focused on using ingredients when they’re at their peak, and as a gardener who grows my own, in addition to hitting the seasonal farmer’s market regularly, this is something I can really utilize. I got it for around $9, and I bet you can still find it at Barnes and Noble. If not, this links to Amazon where you can purchase it for a little more than the Barnes and Noble bargain bin price.

I hope this has served for a good starting point for those of you who are trying to get healthy in this new year, but aren’t sure where to look for healthy snacks and meals. One thing I’ve noticed is that most all of these sources focus much more on lunch, dinner and snacks than they do on breakfast, so if I find any good healthy breakfast resources I will be sure to pass them along! Happy healthy eating!


Author: Loren Miller

I'm a Midwestern woman living my best and healthiest life, fueled by passion and caffeine. I follow the Mediterranean diet, I'm a yoga newbie, and a hiker and general explorer of the outdoors. I adore fashion and dressing up, and finding amazing, quality designer pieces through thrift shopping. Most all of my outfits have at least one thrifted item--saving my wallet and the planet one designer top at a time <3

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